Schwarzman – Boomstra

Roel Boomstra is well behind Alexander Schwarzman. Toernooibase mentions 26 games, among which rapid, blitz and superblitz games. Out of 9 regular games Schwarzman won 3 and 6 ended in a draw. The last decision fell on May 25, 2011 during the WC in Emmeloord and Urk, The Netherlands.

Four rounds before the finish Boomstra en Schwarzman were behind the later champion Georgiev. Schwarzman lost to Getmanski, Boomstra was two wins behind. In their game Boomstra made a risky effort to get closer. He got the worse of it.
Here is the game at Toernooibase. Or: with symphony nr. 92, Haydn
Bert Dollekamp  Roel Boomstra strijdend ten onder, DvhN 26-05-2011 via WC 2011
Auke Scholma  Boomstra strijdend ten onder, column DvhN 28-05-2011
Ton Sijbrands  In elk geval bijgedragen aan mooiste WK-partij, column Volkskrant 11-06-2011
Hilko Koning  Wormed out of Kingsrow.

Roel had his revenge at the de SportAccord World Mind Games 2014 in Peking. In the superblitz tournament his first game against Schwarzman ended in a draw, Roel won the consecutive play-off.
Here are both games at Toernooibase. The second game starts at move 46, then Roel has the black pieces.
The videos of both games can be admired in quick succession in the report of day 7 in Peking, December 26, 2014. You are listening to Andreas Kuyken en Rob Clerc.
Hilko Koning   Wormed out of Kingsrow

Hilko Koning  Other games  The Hague 2007, Zeeland 2008 and Wageningen 2013