Schwarzman bares his teeth

09-01-2019   Auke Scholma voor DVHN   /   vertaling Pascal Stil

ASSEN  In the ninth game for the world title, we saw Roel Boomstra for the first time in serious difficulty. Schwarzman was however unable to find the possible win, and in the pleasant ambience of the Drents museum, allowed his opponent to escape with a black eye.

In a sharp opening, Boomstra was again the first to deflect from the common theories. He offered Schwarzman again to surround in order to get to his much loved attacking game himself. For this, Boomstra even accepted that the development of his right wing was far from ideal. Schwarzman did not need any encouragement to make full use of this detail. In the middle game, he reduced white’s material on his left wing, while the white attack led to nothing. In a position with 8 pieces on either side (see diagram) Schwarzman had a chance to force the win straight away. With both players running out of time, he however opted for another tempting manoeuvre, after which Boomstra was able to ecape into a draw endgame.

Roel Boomstra-Alexander Schwarzman
9th game, after 51.28-23

Black mistakenly played 51…8-12?, which means there is no more win possible.
He should have played 51. … 27-32!. This leaves two possibilities:
1) 52.23-19 8-12! 53.19-13 12-18 54.13×22 32-38! 55.33×42 21-27 56.22×31 26×48 Z+.
2) 52.23-18 8-12! 53.18×7 2×11 54.33-28 32×23 55.29×18 20×40 56.35×44 25×34 With the little bit of time left, Schwarzman will have thought this endgame was a draw, but black can win through 57.18-13 21-27 58.13-8 15-20! With a beautiful double catch.
After 59.8-2 20-25! 60.2×30 25×34, after 59.8-3 11-16! 60.3×21 16×27 and black wins.