Balance in tenth game

10-01-2019   Auke Scholma for DVHN   /   translation Pascal Stil

ASSEN  In the stylish Statenzaal of the Drents Museum the tenth game between Alexander Schwarzman and Roel Boomstra did not show a fierce battle like Wednesday. Schwarzman was able to control an imminent breakthrough with an identical draw as a result and a standing of 11-9 in favour of Boomstra.

In the opening, Schwarzman chose a calm way to play. With a few exchanges he kept the game open. In the middle game, the classical position of the world champion was somewhat less flexible, as he also admitted afterwards, therefore he opened up the position by getting a forward piece. Boomstra took the opportunity to occupy field 35 on the edge of the board, and from there lurk for a breakthrough to king. Schwarzman’s center was however so strong, that there was no real advantage for Boomstra. When in a later stadium he did break through at the cost of a piece, Schwarzman was able to throw him back and even gain slight advantage. The Russian used almost all his time to find a way to change that advantage into something more, however Boomstra was not impressed and at the cost of another piece, broke through on the other wing. When Schwarzman realized he didn’t have to expect an superior endgame, he offered a draw, which Boomstra of course accepted.

Unless Boomstra wins the final two regulatory games, there will be a playoff with less time on the clock on Sunday.
Today at 12 noon, the eleventh game will be played in the Drents Museum.