Game No.1 short notes…

In general Boomstra managed to have his own game today: opening without problems. It was clear he had analyzed and found some other continuations in preparationfor the match against Groenendijk in the opening of today. It was clearly marked with his moves: 09….0914 and 10….0409, instead of 09…1014 and, 10…0510, which has been played quite often in this opening. Besides he played fast, and without very serious consideration went on further with 16…2228.

Eerste zet door Suzanne en ElisabethJan was approaching this first game (which is mentally quite difficult when playing his first match against a serious and more experienced player) as he would have done at any international tournament: tried to play as he is used to: using much of his time for the first part of the game. I think a fast game on his opponent’s part pushed him to spend more of his time, because he felt that he is trapped in a scheme.

Of course Jan experienced some problems when playing middle game after Boomstra invaded 16… 2228. There were a few ways how to make a position more simple for Jan, buti n this case Boomstra would have a clearly marked advantage what Jan didn’t quite like.

The way Groenendijk  played later was acceptable after all, but the decisive mistake was made on his 36th move when he decided to postpone a move 36.3530 1420 (36….0913 37.3832 1822 38.32×23 2227 39.40352731 40.3933 31×42 41.2318 13×22 42.3328 22×33 43.29×47 with worse, but defendable position for white) 37.3832 1822 38.32×23 2227 39.3933 2731 40. 3328 31×42 41.2822 17×19 42.24×04 =

Analyse door Auke Scholma