Game no 3 short notes

I should characterize today’s game for the title as the one Roel Boomstra prefers. I think he would not contradict to play such games throughout the whole match.

aanvangClassical game, for which he has played the opening many times since. The favorite opening of Roel’s and Ivanov. Slightly later Jan Groenendijk felt that it is no-go and tried to escape the opening schemes by attacking 3328, switching to less initiative position, still playable classics. Roel played positionally good in this position and didn’t close the position, but started bombing white left wing, creating problems for Groenendijk in a way that he had to think where and when to change the structure of the position, since, for example, such moment fell for Jan on his 27th move when strengthening of wing by 27.4136? was out of question, because of 27…2429!, 28….19:39, 29….11:31, 30….1823, 31….2328x Jan was puzzled between 2 continuations: 27. 3429 23:34 28.40:20 15:24 29.2822 1823 30. 3328 1218 e.t.c., which is still playable, although loks like initiative is at white side, or the one obviously more passive, which happened in the game. Pressed for time Jan choose for simplification, which in its turn still comprised structures, which required to be defended.

Later on 39.3832? is a positionally weak move. Groenendijk had to play 39.4842, which is typical for these positions, because now white can choose between directions.

But what happened after the 39th white move I don’t quite get. Roel Boomstra had his time, Jan Groenendijk was pressed for it . Roel had clearly marked advantage in classical game, white moves were predictable, it was a countable position. And if black is precies I still can’t say right now how bad it is for white, but one is sure – it is really bad. 39… 1218! Is by far the best move in a position for black. Instead Roel changed without much chance, and then after 41.4339 didn’t even try 41…. 0812!, but just played 41…1318 allowing white to force an obvious draw. From a very perspective position in 2 moves just nothing more than a draw!