Lively battle in eighth game

08-01-2019   Auke Scholma for DVHN  /  translation Pascal Stil

GRONINGEN  In the opening, the eighth game between Alexander Schwarzman and Roel Boomstra was a variation of the first game in Leeuwarden. The beaten track was left quickly and Boomstra aimed again for an attacking game, which served him well during the third and specially the sixth game.

Schwarzman kept a strong center and Boomstra charged him with surrounding movements. In the middle game this lead to a sharp situation, specially when Schwarzman avoided a simplification and put the pressure on. With a three against three exchange the Russian forced a breakthrough on the right side, but Boomstra had calculated thoroughly that his counterattack over the other wing came just as quickly. When Scharzman also became aware of this, he offered a draw, which Boomstra had to accept.

Today from 12 noon, the night game will be played in the Drents Museum, where also the tenth and eleventh game will be played.
If before the 12th and final game at RTV Drenthe, neither of the players won three times, a decision will be forced through a shootout.
First they will play rapid games, with 20 minutes per player plus 10 seconds per move, after that blitz games with 10 minutes and ultimately an all or nothing game until the time runs out. Hopefully it won’t get that far, although the gladiator audience is already anxiously looking forward to Sunday.