Roel Boomstra convincingly to world title

13-01-2019   Auke Scholma voor DVHN   /   translation Pascal Stil

ASSEN  Thousands of viewers were able to follow the showdown of the match between Roel Boomstra and Alexander Schwarzman on Sunday live on RTV Drenthe. In the play off with less time, Boomstra extended his lead to three victories, which secured him the world title.

The 12th and final regulation game on Saturday started promising with a fork lock for Boomstra. When Schwarzman however allowed a large exchange, Boomstra decided to not play the sharpest moves and showed he was satisfied with an equal position in the middle game. Schwarzman attempted to get to something exciting, but he was forced into defense. A draw then became the highest achievable result for the Russian.

On Sunday, spectators from all over the country came together to watch the exciting play off with less time. The three rapid games, where each player had 20 minutes plus 10 seconds per move, where rich in content. Neither player however allowed the other to break the balance.

After a lunch break, during which Boomstra took a refreshing shower, the speed was increased. In three blitz games with 10 minutes plus 5 seconds per game for each player, Boomstra struck immediately in the first game. When Schwarzman did not adequately reply to a sharp attack from Boomstra, he was completely overrun by the unleashed Boomstra.

After the two next games finished in draws again, the playing speed was again increased after a short break. In the second game with this superblitz speed, Boomstra brought his opponent into difficulties with a strong push through the center. While the remaining time for Schwarzman sunk to dangerous levels, his problems increased. When Boomstra surprised him with a positional gambit, he lost on the clock and a loud cheer was heard from the many spectators.

Roel Boomstra had won his second world title and it was well deserved. Also his sportive opponent confirmed this afterwards, when he spoke with admiration about the strong games of his younger opponent.

Later this year, Boomstra’s title will be at stake again in a large world championship tournament in Ivory Coast.