Roel Boomstra

Born on the 9th of March 1993, hometown Groningen, World Champion in 2016. KNDB rating 1562, FMJD rating 2408.

Since the beginning of his draughts carreer, Roel wanted to become World Champion. And he succeeded. In 2001 he considered joining the chess club in Soest, but the rigid structure of the club did not suit him. The draughts club was more appealing.

Roel started draughts after a suggestion made by the liquor store owner in Soest. His talent turned out to be great. In 2014, he became European Champion. His scores in World Cups: 2011: 7th, 2013: 3rd. He placed at a disappointing third place behind Georgiev and Groenendijk in 2015, in Emmen, his former hometown. However, he took his opportunity after retirement of Alexander Georgiev, and won convincing from Jan Groenendijk in the match of 2016.

With that he became World Champion at the age of 23. In 2017 he stranded at the semi-finals. He’s combining playing draughts with his physics studies. Boomstra: “Up until now I feel like my form is improving and I hope to really peak in December. The advantage of a match is that you can fully control the outcome. The results of the match will surely be righteous. And with my still growing form I have good hope!”

Schwarzman about his opponent: “Because the style of Roel is more suitable for the match than for tournaments. He always makes the best moves and doesn’t take any risks, I have another style. So, for winning this match I have to change myself.”

Boomstra lost 3 out of 9 regular games against Schwarzman. The last time at Urk, The Netherlands, in 2011 during the WCh. In Peking 2014 Boomstra had his revenge by a in victory the superblitz-tournament of the World Mind Games. They were memorable games.

Match Boomstra – Groenendijk, December 2016 Groningen, Wageningen, The Hague
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Wouter Sipma assists Roel as a secondant, just as in 2016 during the match against Jan Groenendijk.
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