Exciting showdown in 11th game for world title draughts

11-01-2019   Auke Scholma voor DVHN   /   translation Pascal Stil

ASSEN  After a draw in the 11th game between Roel Boomstra and Alexander Schwarzman the standing is 12-10 in favour of Boomstra. Today the final regulation game will be played at RTV Drenthe, Sunday a playoff with less time will produce the final result.

Both players copied the first moves of their ninth game, but Boomstra, who got into a losing position in that game, deviated wisely on the 7th move. Schwarzman answered in a solid way, and Boomstra went looking for tension in a classical game type. In a position where both players still had 18 pieces, they were facing each other like sumo wrestlers. Schwarzman was tempted to rush the game into a tactical manoeuvre which would bring both players to king. The Russian, half driven by his intuition, half bij his calculation, felt a healthy dose of suspicion. After the game, Boomstra showed an impressive calculation that proved both were right.

Unfortunately for the Groninger, the position also contained a large exchange, which Schwarzman used. After that an almost equal middle game remained, that Boomstra squeezed to the last drop, rejecting an offer for a draw on the 40th move. Schwarzman did however show with secure playing that the balance could not really be broken, and on the 58th move, a draw was agreed.

Even if Boomstra wins today, the match is not decided yet. Only a third win can bring the final victory.