Peaceful intermezzo in world title match draughts

07-01-2019   Auke Scholma voor DvhN   translation Pascal Stil

GRONINGEN – The 7th game Roel Boomstra-Alexander Schwarzman took less than two and a half hours, after which the players agreed to a draw in a subsided position.

It actually was the first game so far where from start to finish there was complete balance. That was largely due to the opening. Schwarzman opted to play the same scheme as in the first game. On the fifth move, Boomstra was the first to divert from that game, after which a positional tug-of-war began. Boomstra thought he could develop some initiative, but this time Schwarzman was better prepared. With a sharp dropout, which was previously played in the game Amrillaev-Kolesov in a Russian cup game from 2012, he conjured every disadvantage and forced Boomstra to simplify. In the nine against nine position that resulted, there were no weaknesses on either side and also there was no difference in tempos. The players produced another ten correct moves and when the required 40 moves were played they agreed to a draw. Boomstra came to explain in the demonstration room why he had not been able to achieve anything. With an 8-6 standing on the score board he doesn’t have to worry as much as Schwarzman.

Today the last game in Groningen will be played, and after that from Wednesday Assen is the place where the final four games will be played.