World Title match 2016 game No 2

It was interesting for me to follow the game No 2 for the World Title today. Both the oponents tried to play for win, although I presume that most of the old-style grandmasters would have chosen a quiet game on this occasion: on the yesterday’s winner part that would have meant that he marks clearly his advantage in victories, gets used to it, but on the player who is behind in victories that would mean a quiet rest day to concentrate on the next games, before the decisive battle.

I was surprised by the choice of opening on Boomstra’s side. I remember that I tried to play this opening for white in 2013 Heerhugowaards international tournament when playing against a rather tough, but not really a strong master from Moscow Eugenie Gurkow. He accepted the struggle, and I always had some problem on my short wing, thus on some occasion I overestimated my chances, overplayed it all and barely escaped a loss, which was there. My general impression about the position was that white can create an image of active play, but when black plays precise then white has to be careful.

It is obvious that Roel was not prepared today, as he was yesterday and he played himself. Jan Groenendijk is always ready to accept a difficult battle. Even today he played active by …0409,…0207, trying to stick to the idea of playing on the other wing, although outwardly the position looks doubtful.Starting from move 30. When Boomstra could have played 30.4339 setting a threat 3731, slowly time after time he started making inexact moves thus aggrevation his position by steps. On the 33.rd move it was more flexible for white to break through by change 33.2419. After Roel decided to play other wise, Groenendijk got a chance to consolidate his position with some threats to break through on white long wing.
The last considerable Boomstra’s mistake was 37.2319? This moment when black has already started constructing structures for breaking white long wing it meant that white is just losing time. It was necessary to immediately contradict black with 37.4842! thus making position levelled.

Excellent chance for win black would have had if instead of move in a game 44….2731?, black would have played …2732!, 38X27 22X31, 36X27 1823!. I presume that this was missed by both the oponents in their calculations, and simultaneously this feeling psychologically influenced each other: a sort of mutual hypnosis. Otherwise I don’t believe that such a tactically well shaped player as Jan Gorenendijk would have missed it.