World Title match 2016 round No 4 short notes

When contemplating on the games No3 and No 4 of the match I come to conclusion that Roel Boomstra and his experienced coach grandmaster Rob Clerc have come to a general conclusion and guidelines: Roel plays what he knows well and within safety cushion in a relatively fast tempo without tactical deviations, in such a way that he always controls the game and has some safety limit for time.

boomstraUntil now today and yesterday this plan was a success, although it didn’t bring a victory. Such a style is no guarantee for success in Blitz games, but for the regular games it might work to build feeling of safety and self-confidence for Boomstra, which was partly lost after very unsuccessful second game. Jan Groenendijk has to present some weapons in regular games, if he wants to maintain struggle, not just defending the positions.
Positionally in a middle game Groenendijk made some strange maneuvers like 15….1520, 16….2025 and slightly later: 21….1822 22.28:17 21:12, then 28…. 1419 29.3430, which is in some way passive and in some way just giving some tempos, and the last one just allows white to develop his short wing with a perspective position.
Although it looked like Roel Boomstra should have had some chance around 44th and 49th move, but in fact it is all a draw, just with some variations.
General conclusion: both players tried to play positional today, but Roel Boomstra proved to have a better understanding on how to control his position and develop it. Jan Groenendijk lost the positional battle, but his calculation skills helped him to secure a safe draw.