World Title match 2016 round No 5 short notes

A player always feel ill at ease when he has to move to another place in the same match after a short break, and the place to which he moves is his native town. It is probably less the case with very technical players like Boomstra, Chizhov e.t.c., but it creates some discomfort to peculiar, not experienced and out of ordinary style player like Groenendijk for example.

He has to play the very first game at his little town where many people now him, and the attention is attached, a special attention, which creates a false impression that somehow one has to fight especially to acquit himself in front of his town people. But what can one do especial? Match has its own specific and psychological battle is a part of it. One can’t do much more than he does in every game. Still this feeling and psychological discomfort is attached to a player when he even doesn’t notice the small psychological off-balance, but this can affect the game at a decisive instant.

Today Jan Groenendijk played quite well from the opening and in the middle game, but again – he was on his 13 minutes after the first 25 moves when no forcing were yet on the board. Roel Boomstra managed to have 2 corners in classics, but at the same time had tempo advantage and left Groenendijk an opportunity for Ghestem attack, which he also justly tried. Until 38th move it was all in control for Groenedijk, but then pressed for time in a position in which I know for sure he would play the best moves having at least some time, but he had none. And then it started: not having been able to calculate he played first according to standard in those positions: 38.3631?, although 38.4742 29:40 39.45:34 is no problem at all to keep the position undamaged. Then: 40.3833?, which is already a grave positional mistake when 40.4741, 41.4136, although black look threatening and he has space there is no danger for white. And the last fatal mistake came soon: 42.3430?, which probably is already a losing one, although I still have to check it closer. At this stage 42. 4338! still was a draw, although not for such time Groenendijk had for contemplation at this moment. At the close of the game Jan trapped black king by forcing, but it was absolutely hopeless end game for him.

To conclude: Jan Groenendijk lost 1st and 5th game, just because of lack of time the decisive moment, in spite of the fact he possesses excellent calculation skills. The same can be attributed to game No2, in which he missed a victory again for the same reason. It will be difficult for Jan to maintain the battle when he has regularly just 1 minute for late middle game and the end game stage, which are 2 most fundamental components to determine the final result of the game.