World Title match 2016 round No 6 short notes

Today in the match Roel Boomstra went on with his strategy as expected: technical game with time reserve. Jan Groenendijk tried a bit more active than yesterday. He avoided popular openings. It was no surprise to me that Boomstra provoked Gronendijk with his 2.3126 to close 2….1117, but then I am sure Roel had prepared something in his homework.

Instead Jan with black was more careful and didn’t opt for such an opening. In my personal view black didn’t play positional quite well after white played 17.4741. It was obvious that white intends to play for safe center with 18.3732 next. In this case it was in the mood of the position to play active on white short wing, which was already slightly damaged, by 17… 1419 18.3430 25:34 19.39:30 1318 20.24:13 08:19. With the moves in the game 17….1318 and 18….2126 black gave away tempos, control of the position and initiative for the rest of the game. Roel won the positional battle, but black understood that prolongation of the structure might cost him a match, and made a reasonable simplifications by 26… 1319 collecting tempos and by 28th move leveled his position up. Still in potential dynamic white had a more preferable position – a position although with only 9 pieces on the board, still very compact for white, besides black has pieces on 25 and 16, which should be indirectly activated.

Boomstra had a good feeling of this position, and he constructed positional threats, of which black were unaware until the moment came. As usual Jan as had spent all of his time by this moment. He could have played 41…. 0611 and he could be spared all the future problems. But he made a seemingly neutral move 41…. 0611?,and only after  42.3833! he understood the problems. One of them connected with the unpleasant situation that …0914 is almost never possible, because of sacrifice 3530 24:35 and attack 3329. Although when there is enough time after proper check it is clear that most of these seemingly unpleasant threats are still a draw, but when one doesn’t have time, he has to concentrate just for one of them. I presume that Jan managed to calculate the end game after Roel’s forcing, and it indeed was a draw.

After all in conclusion: both the challengers were not prepared for a deadly fight, since one was satisfied with the match situation and the way he played, but another wished for some pause to rethink of how to build the strategies for the rest of the match.