World Title match 2016 round No 7 short notes

Finally on Saturday’s game Jan Groenendijk managed to skip all those classical structures and open positions. He played a Roozenburg attack, and Boomstra accepted the challenge. Jan Groenendijk understands this sort of positions quite well: it is what he likes – tactical game with a possibility to have immediate advantage when something happens not right on the tempo for his opponent. He played a very good game against me in Polish Open 2016 in Karpacz when I opted for a Roozenburg attack myself. To tell the truth I didn’t care much of the result that moment since my tournament situation was already hopelessly spoiled, but still it doesn’t diminish his success – he played very precise and he won that game.

In Saturday’s game of Roel carried out a typical positional sacrifice for that scheme, which can be also dangerous for white in some cases when the white left wing is weak, because white can’t consolidate the wings: 3328 is never possible, while the attack on piece 27 can be deadly. And when piece on 27 is captured, very often white position is already positional lost, because 19 is a treacherous piece.

Still Jan constructed it right, limiting black possibilities. For example, on black 26th move when Roel went for simplifications by …2631, 26… 0914? Is not possible anymore with the idea to pull at least some black piece out of his left wing, because 27.4943 14:23 28.2419 13:35 29.3731 – a standard for this position. Besides attempt for continuation of attack on 27 by means of 26…. 1117? is positional bad, because 27.4238! and now an important detail of this position: 27…. 1722 is very bad, because of 28.3731!! 26:28 29.1914 with chance for white.
On the 33rd move when the structure of the position was already broken Roel Boomstra could have attempted first to secure square 27, by means of 33… 1721, 34… 2127 and only then to try to capture white piece on 19, but in fact white tempos compensate for some irregularities of his position. Roel probably decided that the game is a draw already, and there is no reason to try to complicate it.

Summarizing: on Saturday Jan Groenendijk managed to demonstrate something of his arsenal. For the last 4 games before that there was no question that Roel Boomstra was controlling the game unilaterally. Let’s see what development in games awaits us in The Hague!