World Title match 2016 round No 8 short notes

In today’s game for the World Title Jan Groenendijk attempted to have a more difficult structure of the position, and in that he succeeded: the opponents had a position with corner piece on 15 for Jan. Still the inner essence of the game didn’t change: having secured a comfortable advantage in score Roel Boomstra went on with strategies “from the book”: the right moment occupying square 29, which is essential for white to create a reasonable counter game.

Black in such a case is trying to fortify his left wing, but it means that the other wing suffers because of that. In short Roel didn’t try to win, just kept his position right, occupying square 29 and retracting his pieces, just to keep them equally scattered across the board. Jan Groenendijk also didn’t do a lot of effort, but again he was in much worse situation by other things: score, perspective, psychology and positional game itself, besides they both played in a new place after a day off – Dutch Parliament: one has to look smart, but has to attempt to tie the game against a player who’s more experienced and better in constructing his position on the board.

Throughout all the game position was with no preference to any party. It was approaching a draw, but then something happened to Jan (time trouble or some blackout…): on his 47th move he fell into positional sacrifice and his position immediately grew almost lost. I know his tactical gifts: he could never fall into something like that, if he were not mentally sublimed by Boomstra. It is what the youth player had not been able to overcome during the whole match. After the sacrifice Jan lost hopelessly into just a few moves, although he could try at least some endgame, which to tell the truth look hopeless as well.