World Title match 2016 round No 9 short notes

Roel Boomstra started game No 9 of the match with a satisfied feeling, since objectively (although not formally yet) everybody understands that he is a World Champion 2016. He has reached the 3 victories margin, and he just had to make 2 draughts out of 4 games, which should be enough. I felt in a game of today: the way he played. When in previous games he strictly followed the strategy of killing any Groenendijk’s attempt to engage in tough difficult strategies, then today on the contrary he freely accepted Jan’s Keller opening, although he only played safe moves.

Strange fact is that Roel has played this opening with white twice: in Europe Championship 2012 against Bulatov and in year 2015 against Meurs. Now he had black color. But in this Keller opening with 9.3025 1419 10.25:14 19:10 white is more limited in having choice. Black has more options from which to choose. Jan still tried with 13.2924. Later on Jan managed to secure the situation that black couldn’t attack 22….2126? And Boomstra activated piece on 6, which rendered black short wing inflexible. The structure was similar to the one, in which Groenendijk managed to have the only chance to win in the second round. Still that moment Groenendijk opted for a strange plan of development of his long wing: 26.4137 32:41 27.46:37 1721 28.4238 rendering his long wing vulnerable and weak. After all Roel Boomstra managed to break white wing with 34…. 2832. That moment Jan was not precise. It was easy to keep the position balanced by 38.3024 1420 39.25:14 09:20 40.4944 2126 41.3832 1823, just a forced draw.

Instead Jan had to suffer a bit, although it was never a serious chance for Roel to win after that, simply he had advantage in the position close to the edn game phase.
On the whole: Jan Groenendijk tried a more active opening, Roel accepted it, but the feeling both players had during the game was that the match is soon over and the winner is known , so both the players can play for their own pleasure, not thinking of the score anymore.